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The word “soka” is a Swahili translation for the English word “soccer”.

Soka mobile applications features fixtures and live cores of the most popular football leagues in the world.

A mobile user can select matches that he / she will be notified of when the matches are about to start.

The mobile apps support push notification to receive updates on fixtures availability.



Over 50 sports mobile apps for sale

Over 50 sports mobile applications plus source code are available for sale. The mobile applications feature fixtures, live scores and standings of most popular leagues in Europe.

The mobile applications have been published in Amazon stores, BlackBerry app world, Google Play store, Opera app store, Samsung galaxy app store and Windows Phone stores

The following monetization methods have been used in the apps to generate income:

a) In-App Advertising: supports free downloads and display of Ads

b) Paid Apps: Purchase applications before usage.

c) In-App Purchases: Selling digital Goods

The applications that have over 10000 downloads are been sold because the number of applications developed have exceeded the capacity to maintain and support them.

The sale include source codes, app transfer and social media accounts.

If interest in the applications, send an email to support[at]dolphinsds[dot]com


Shopping Application Privacy Policy


This privacy policy governs use of shopping mobile application on your mobile device.

1. Personal Data:

The mobile app may require user’s mobile number for account creation.

The mobile number used to identify user’s account is not shared with anyone.

For delivery purposes, a mobile user may share recipient mobile number with the merchant.

2. Location Data:

The mobile application does require mobile user’s location or address  for delivery purposes only.

The information is encrypted and only shared with the merchant.

3. Interaction:

The application does allow messaging between the buyer and the seller via GCM.


For questions or concerns relating to the privacy policy, please contact Dolphins Data Systems via email at support [at] dolphinsds [dot] com .

mSOKO mobile application


mSOKO  is a  mobile commerce application for buying and selling goods using smartphones and tablets.

mSOKO is derived from the word “Soko” which is a Swahili word meaning “Market” while “m” stands for “Mobile”.

mSOKO is simply a “mobile market” that connects mobile users to merchants in Kenya.

Kenya leads in both smartphone and internet penetration in Africa where 99.9% of internet users access their internet through mobile data. The country has over 68% smartphone penetration.

mSOKO bridges the gap between merchants and mobile users in Kenya as business goes mobile.



mSOKO Terms & Policies


This privacy policy governs use of mSOKO mobile application on your mobile device.

1. Personal Data:

The app does require merchant’s contacts for account creation.
The contact used in account creation are not shared with a third party.
The app does require other merchant’s contact to share with users.
The contact entered in an Ad will be viewed by mobile users.

2. Location Data:

The app does require products location for users to identify products near them.
The location data is entered by the merchant while submitting an Ad.
No other location data is collected by the application.

3. Interaction:

The app does allow users to communicate with the merchant by Call or SMS.
Mobile users should be carefully while sharing personal information with merchants.
Mobile users can relay information on deceiving or fraud Ads in mSOKO to mSoko[DOT]KE[@]gmail[DOT]com for further action.


  1. Do not post content that contain violent material.
  2. Do not post content that contain sexual material or nudity.
  3. Content that contain offensive language is not allowed.
  4. Do not post content that contain references to or depictions of illegal drugs.
  5. Impersonation of other persons or merchants is not allowed.
  6. Fraud Ads or Ads that are misleading or deceiving are prohibited.
  7. A merchant is personally responsible for information entered in an Ad.
  8. Lack of adhering to this rules will result in immediate revocation and removal of merchant’s account and Ads.


For questions or concerns relating to privacy or usage guidelines, please contact Dolphins Data Systems via email at support [at] dolphinsds [dot] com .

Effective June 15, 2016

DevGuard Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs use of DevGuard mobile application on your mobile device.

Dolphins Systems is committed to protecting your privacy and safety rights while using its mobile applications. In order to protect your privacy, the firm maintains the following privacy practices:

Personal information

DevGuard application collects telephony data upon installation and on receiving locate command requests from the user. This information is key for performance of the application in locating a lost mobile device. The information is only shared with one person whom the user selects as recipient of all tracking information.


The application reads incoming SMS to only detect DevGuard commands that the user may send. Incoming messages are neither stored nor shared with a third party. The application sends SMS messages upon receiving locate command requests from the user. The SMS that contains personal information is only send to the Guard mobile number that the user inserted upon opening DevGuard application.

Location Data

The application requires location data to track a lost mobile device, upon installation and on receiving locate command requests from the user. The information is only shared with the Guard mobile number that the user inserted upon opening DevGuard application.


Any questions or concerns relating to privacy, should be communicated via email at devguardke [at] gmail [dot] com . Once your e-mail is received, we will review it to ensure that the privacy practices provided herein are enforced

Effective March 17, 2016



An Android mobile application that helps users track their lost mobile devices in Kenya. [Get from Google Play] [] []

DevGuard uses cutting edge features to increase the chances of the phone owner finding a lost phone and also preventing leakage of sensitive data to a third party.

Top Features:

• Receive fraudster alerts

• Detect SIM Card replacement

• Remotely locate lost mobile device using “locate” or “track” commands

• Remotely check telephony information

• Remotely set mobile device password using “reset password ****” command

• Remotely lock mobile device using “lock device” command

• Remotely wipe mobile device data using “wipe device” command

Note: Care should be taken when using “wipe device” command. The command should be used as a last resort because it will erase all device’s data.

DevGuard_Screenshot_1        DevGuard_Screenshot_3


To be able to Lock the mobile device and wipe device data remotely, enable the device as Device Administrator upon installation.

A password is required to prevent unauthorized access to the mobile application.

Set up guard mobile number that will be used to remotely command the device when the mobile device is lost.

The mobile number will also receive all tracking information.

The guard mobile number should be of a trusted relative or friend because all tracking information will be send to the guard number when the device is lost.

On receiving the location coordinates, copy and paste the coordinates in to see device’s current location.

You can search “Route” TO coordinates as “destination” to determine the path to your device.

NOTE: One should not retrieve a lost mobile device from the person in possession of the device without proper security. For your own security, liaise with a policeman to retrieve the device for you.

When a device is stolen, try as much as possible to locate the device within 15 minutes to prevent further damages your mobile device.

If the device cannot be located, send an email of the IMEI and scanned purchase receipt (for authenticity purposes) to devguardke [at] gmail [dot] com for further assistance.



Gear LiveScore

LiveScore is a sports notification application on upcoming matches and scores of the ongoing matches.

  • The application provides an option for the user to select an upcoming match from fixtures.
  • The application sends a notification to inform the user once the selected match has started.
  • The Gear’s LiveScore application notifies the user of the scores as the match happens in real time.

SportScores Privacy Policy

Personal information

SportsScore application collects no personal information.


The application collects sports data from the application’s server via the internet.

Children Restriction


No new registration is required by the SportScores but in-app purchase queries and payments will use user’s appstore account for in-app support.

In-app Purchase

In-app queries and payment support and security system are made possible by the appstore systems which may collect users personal information.

Mobile application with in-app purchase support is not directed for use by persons under the age of 13.