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Food writer Jack Monroe 'loses £5,000 in phone-number hijack'
Jack Monroe's bank and PayPal accounts were used after her mobile phone number was hijacked.
Government dodges 'full fibre for all by 2025' pledge
Gigabit broadband is promised but the government neither says it must be full-fibre nor sets a deadline.
China's Study the Great Nation app 'enables spying via back door'
Study the Great Nation could be used to monitor phone-users' activity, a security firm warns.
Vodafone error sees customers hit by thousands in charges
Glitch sees customers abroad hit with thousands of pounds of charges and unable to use their phones.
Robotic inspectors developed to fix wind farms
Scientists develop fully autonomous robots that could end the need for workers to scale dangerously-tall wind turbines.
Fortnite: Map blown up and replaced with black hole
Fortnite's Twitter page is running a livestream of a black hole to mark the end of season 10.
Facebook's digital currency dealt another blow
Leaders of the G7 group of major world economies issue a warning about digital coins like Libra.
Blizzard bosses reduce gamer's ban and release prize money
A player who staged an anti-government protest on a live broadcast will now receive his prize money.
Payments giants abandon Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency
Mastercard, Visa, eBay and Stripe join PayPal in no longer supporting Facebook's effort to launch a currency.
Teenagers arrested over hacks to Met Police website
The 18 and 19-year-old are accused of posting messages and sending out fake tweets.
Few convinced by Apple's case for Hong Kong app removal
Apple's removal of an app used to track Hong Kong police leads to claims it was bowing to Beijing pressure.
How tech changed the way DreamWorks animates
Improved computer processing has allowed artists to add a great level of detail to their films.
Turning the John Wick movies into a video game
The game, John Wick Hex, translates the film's fast paced combat into a top-down strategy game.
AI could become 'an enemy of the human race' warns expert
Dr Stuart Russell warns that AI could become "too competent" at fulfilling badly-framed goals.
Transhumanism: How far would you go for a body upgrade?
Meet the "transhumanists" who are pushing the boundaries of technology to implant chips and more into their bodies.
Herculaneum scroll: Shining a light on 2,000-year-old secrets
Scientists in Oxfordshire are trying to decipher scrolls buried when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD79.
Holy tech! Churches try new ways to connect
Churches are increasingly using social media and specialist software to help reach their congregations.
'My gaming addiction stops me from having relationships'
James Wisniewski accepts gaming addiction has a negative impact on his life - but he can't stop.
Femtech: Right time, wrong term?
The 'femtech' label for women's health tech is flourishing but not everybody is a fan.
Could blacklisting China's AI champions backfire?
The US move to restrict trade with Chinese AI firms could encourage them to be more independent.