mSOKO Terms & Policies


This privacy policy governs use of mSOKO mobile application on your mobile device.

1. Personal Data:

The app does require merchant’s contacts for account creation.
The contact used in account creation are not shared with a third party.
The app does require other merchant’s contact to share with users.
The contact entered in an Ad will be viewed by mobile users.

2. Location Data:

The app does require products location for users to identify products near them.
The location data is entered by the merchant while submitting an Ad.
No other location data is collected by the application.

3. Interaction:

The app does allow users to communicate with the merchant by Call or SMS.
Mobile users should be carefully while sharing personal information with merchants.
Mobile users can relay information on deceiving or fraud Ads in mSOKO to mSoko[DOT]KE[@]gmail[DOT]com for further action.


  1. Do not post content that contain violent material.
  2. Do not post content that contain sexual material or nudity.
  3. Content that contain offensive language is not allowed.
  4. Do not post content that contain references to or depictions of illegal drugs.
  5. Impersonation of other persons or merchants is not allowed.
  6. Fraud Ads or Ads that are misleading or deceiving are prohibited.
  7. A merchant is personally responsible for information entered in an Ad.
  8. Lack of adhering to this rules will result in immediate revocation and removal of merchant’s account and Ads.


For questions or concerns relating to privacy or usage guidelines, please contact Dolphins Data Systems via email at support [at] dolphinsds [dot] com .

Effective June 15, 2016