Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs use of Dolphins Data Systems Mobile applications on your mobile device.

Dolphins Data Systems is committed to protecting your privacy and safety rights while using its mobile applications. In order to protect your privacy, the firm maintains the following privacy practices:

  1. Personal Data
    The application does not collect and transmit personally identifiable information with Third Parties.
  1. Messaging
    Where an application requests to send SMS, you can either grant or deny the application such privileges. The mobile number entered by the user will be used for the specific purpose as selected by the user and such data is neither stored nor is it shared with any Third Party.
  1. Internet Access
    Where an application requests for internet access, you can either grant or deny the application such privileges. The application does not use internet connections for malicious activities.
  1. Location Data
    Where an application requires location data, such data is only used to provide localised information such as news. The application will contain an option of manually inserting the location data to receive localised information such as local news. This information is not shared with Third Parties
  1. Analytics
    The application does not monitor your personal use of the Application.
  1. Full control
    You have full control over the application access to internet or messaging activities where applicable. You may have an option to either grant or deny permission for the application to access or utilize such services for the purposes as set out in the application.
  1. Easy uninstall
    Mobile app users can easily uninstall the mobile app at any time by using the available uninstall process in your mobile device or via the mobile application marketplace.
  1. Contact
    For questions or concerns relating to privacy, please contact Dolphins Data Systems via email at support [at] dolphinsds [dot] com . Once your e-mail is received, we will review it to ensure that the privacy practices provided herein are enforced.

Effective July 1, 2012

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