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Europe fines Qualcomm $270 million for 'predatory pricing'
Europe has hit Qualcomm with a €242 million ($271 million) fine, saying the US chipmaker used "predatory pricing" to drive a competitor out of the market for 3G phone hardware.
Google will build 15,000 Silicon Valley homes as part of a $15 billion project
Google is teaming up with an Australian developer to build $15 billion worth of homes, retail and hospitality spaces in Silicon Valley.
Elon Musk is making implants to link the brain with a smartphone
Elon Musk wants to insert Bluetooth-enabled implants into your brain, claiming the devices could enable telepathy and repair motor function in people with injuries.
IBM earnings lag as it tries to capitalize on cloud
Growth in IBM's cloud business appeared to be a bright spot in its earnings for the second quarter of fiscal 2019. It beat expectations on profit, posting earnings per share of $3.17. But its revenue was down 4.2% from the prior year to $19 billion, its fourth straight quarter of decline.
Instagram doubles down on test to hide likes
Instagram is doubling down on its test to conceal your likes. The test is expanding to more countries, including Ireland, Brazil and Australia.
Beyond San Francisco, more cities are saying no to facial recognition
San Francisco did it in May. Somerville, Massachusetts, in June. And on Tuesday evening, Oakland, California, became the latest to ban city departments — including police — from using facial-recognition technology.
FaceApp's viral success proves we will never take our digital privacy seriously
Facebook faces second day of Libra opposition on Capitol Hill
Facebook is trying again to sell lawmakers on Libra Wednesday during a House Financial Services Committee hearing.
A startup that streams video games is China's biggest Wall Street IPO this year
A popular video streaming platform has gone public in the biggest Wall Street debut by a Chinese company so far this year.
Amazon is the latest target of Europe's crackdown on the power of big tech
The European Union will investigate how Amazon uses data from independent sellers, continuing an aggressive regulatory push that has already ensnared Google, Facebook and Apple.
US lawmakers grill Facebook executive in charge of Libra
Senate Banking Committee members don't trust Facebook. That was a main takeaway from Tuesday's Senate Banking Committee hearing on Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency. Because of that, they have serious concerns about Facebook's entrance into the largely unregulated cryptocurrency market.
Apple unveils disability-themed emojis
Apple will introduce disability-themed emojis in a move designed to "bring even more diversity to the keyboard."
This couple has 7 Instagram-famous pets
Nala the Cat has more than 4 million followers on Instagram, making her the most followed cat on the photo-sharing app. Her owners also have five other cats and one dog, all of whom are internet famous.
Uber addresses workplace harassment as rider safety concerns linger
Two years ago, Uber was hardly a company lauded for its approach to sexual harassment in the workplace.
Ride-hailing frenemies Uber and Didi gear up for a big year in Japan
Uber and Didi are rolling out cab-hailing services across Japan as they eye the bonanza of visitors expected for this year's Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.
US Justice Department asks judge to pause antitrust case against Qualcomm
The US Justice Department has asked a federal appeals court for a temporary pause in a pivotal antitrust ruling involving Qualcomm. The chipmaker is locked in litigation with government regulators over its patent licensing business model.
Democrats and Republicans find unity in trashing Big Tech
Two years ago, Facebook changed its mission statement to focus on "bringing the world closer together." On Tuesday, it finally appeared to accomplish that lofty goal for the political world at least as Republican and Democrat lawmakers united in their distrust of Facebook.
Sex toys will be officially sanctioned at CES after vibrator controversy
Following allegations of sexism and gender bias, the Consumer Technology Association said Tuesday it would officially sanction sex tech companies, allowing them to show their products at next year's Consumer Electronics Show.
Battles are going to be a lot more fun in the Pokémon Go update
The trainer battles in Pokémon Go, the hit augmented reality mobile game from developer Niantic, are going to be a lot more fun with the latest update.